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Solstice and equinox

Solstice and equinox
The  earth has two main motions :

1. Rotation        2. Revolution

The Axis of the earth , which is an imaginary line makes an angle of 66 1/2 ° with its orbital plane.The plane which is formed by the orbit is known as the orbital plane . The earth receives light from the sun .Due to the spherical shape of the earth , only half of it gets lights from the sun at a time. The portion facing the sun experience day while other half away from the Sun experiences night. The Circle of Illumination is a circle that divides the day from night on the globe. The circle does not coincide with the axis .

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Rotation The earth rotates around its axis . The axis is an imaginary line passing through the centre of the earth. The earth completes one rotation in 23 hours , 56 mins , 4.09 seconds to be exact .The earth rotates from west to east . This period of rotation is called as the Earth day.
Rotation of earth There are several  effects of the rotation o…

Solar System

Solar system definition The sun along with eight planets , asteroids, and comets comprise the solar system. Such kinds of  planets which have greater densities known as inner or terrestrial planets . e.g . Mercury , Venus , Earth , and Mars and outer planets which have lower densities are Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus and Neptune.
The Sun The sun lie in the centre of the solar system.
The sun is made up of extremely hot gases mainly hydrogen..
The sun is 10^9  times bigger than the earth and weighs 2× 10^27 tonnes.

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The sun is approximately 150 million km away from the earth . The light from the sun reaches the earth in about 8 minutes.
The shining or glowing surface of the sun is called Photosphere . Above the Photosphere is red coloured Chromosphere . Beyond the Chromosphere is the Corona  visible during eclipses.
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The temperature of the photosphere is about 6000℃  and that of the Chromosphere is about 32400 ℃ .The Sun…