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Overpopulation : Causes , Effects and Solution

World Population Problem
The population of a country , i.e., Human Resources is the most important and only active component of production . Besides , it is the ultimate beneficiary of all economic developments, progress and prosperity When the population is excessive , the per capita income is low and so the standard of living is also very poor. The poor living standard makes a person less efficient . The lower efficiency of labour hinders the very progress of the nation. 
Total number of persons, i.e., male , female and children constitute the 'Absolute Population.' But when the available resources are not sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the population and exploitation of natural resources is not adequate to support the population , then the population becomes Excessive. This is called Overpopulation.This is very distinctly reflected in the low standard of living. On the contrary,when all the resources of a country including the human power are in th…

Causes of Poverty

Poverty In India 

The  Rangarajan committee redraws poverty line in urban regions at Rs 47 a day, Rs 32 in rural regions. ... This is much greater than the Tendulkar Committee's suggested Rs 816 a month (Rs 27/day). The percentage of poor people in India in absolute terms stood at 36.3 crore in 2011-12, down from 45.4 crore in 2009-10, according to the Rangarajan panel. The problems of poverty and unemployment are interrelated and in fact form a vicious circle. India's problem of poverty has been a socio-economic one and it is continuing since pre-Independence. Most of the population depends on agriculture , which usually leads to low per capita income. 
The development of industries and tertiary sectors has not progressed as rapidly as population has increased . Thus these sectors could not create opportunities for increasing population and the surplus labour from agriculture. The ultimate .outcome was the increase in dependency on agricultural sectors.

 Poverty Essay